Providing Solutions for Nuclear Waste Management For Over 3 Decades

NFT™ has been serving the needs of our customers in the Nuclear Waste and Commercial sectors for over three decades. Our origins were founded in providing comprehensive, creative and cost-effective solutions to the Department of Energy Weapons Complex and supporting their need to provide safety in processing, handling and storage of radioactive nuclear waste containers. NFT Field Services have been an integral part of DOE’s Central Characterization Program by providing flammable gas analysis, head space gas analysis and venting of TRU waste drums for over 20 years.  Our team of project managers, chemists and operations professionals are consistently graded as best in their class.

In the Commercial Nuclear sector we provide reverse engineering of critical components to help our customers achieve the highest levels of safety and productivity. Additionally, we provide our customers with support in the fuel cycle process of uranium enrichment through the engineering and fabrication of many specific and unique products as well as Uranium Hexafluoride sampling tubes (P10 tubes) considered best in class.