Engineering, Proto-typing, Turnkey, Full-scale Production

Our engineers are experienced in integrating complex automation, analytical, and mechanical systems designed and built to industrial standards using the latest PLC, motion and vision technologies. We have created automation innovations that change the way industrial processes work. Our senior automation engineers have managed massive, capital intensive projects for some of the largest companies in the world. Together, this team of talented engineers bring decades of experience utilizing the latest project management and scheduling practices.

On a global level, our engineers have designed raw material handling operations in large industrial factories and commissioned the plants through start up and operations. Recently, our senior automation engineer scaled up a prototype proof-of-concept vision based chemical-vial-fill station, into a full production, continuous feed, operating 24-7 at breathtaking speeds. Our passion for quality has been put to the test and we have implemented sophisticated quality inspection systems in our own plant, as well as plants worldwide.