Engineering components for the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy markets

NFT™ engineers provide solutions for the energy market that are unique, efficient and effective and provide our customers with improved quality, reliability and safety as they fuel the engine of our national and global economy. NFT provides the energy sector with state-of-the-art Control Panels to operate precision equipment used in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the harshest environments. NFT supplies high precision machined components from the drawings of our customers or from designs conceived by our team of in-house engineers, that meet the stringent demands of the environments they operate in and the expectations of the people who rely on them to perform. Whether you are in the Oil & Gas or Renewable Energy markets, we have the experience and knowledge to help you overcome your greatest challenges.


NFT™ has multiple machine shops and facilities available to support a wide array of fabrication needs. Specifically, NFT’s EPD™ Division offers large-scale container and package manufacturing compliant to its 10CFR71 Subpart H Quality Assurance Program.

High Precision Machining 

Paradigm™ offers precision machining services with a full complement of NDE services. Paradigm is capable of meeting tolerances up to .0002 using 4 and 5-axis machines with a maximum part capacity of up to 108 x 50 x 30 inches.