Safe, Secure, Reliable

NFT™ Nuclear capabilities are the result of over three decades of experience providing innovative solutions to some of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) most challenging transuranic waste (TRU-Waste) characterization and nuclear materials storage problems. NFT’s NQA-1 quality program assures the highest standards of reliability in critical environments. NFT Field Services have been an integral part of DOE’s Central Characterization Program by providing flammable gas analysis, head space gas analysis of TRU waste drums for over 20 years.  Our team of project managers, chemists and operations professionals are consistently graded as best in their class.

NFT offers unique capabilities in the nuclear power plant market, from reverse engineering of critical components to manufacturing P10 tubes for fuel cycle support, and machine design and build. Through our EPD Business Unit, we manufacture transportation and packaging containers, offer large scale fabrication, as well as perform ongoing maintenance and repairs of Type B containers.

NucFil® Products 

DOE approved drum vents, SAVY™ storage containers, Type B transportation containers that are proven and safe.

Waste Management 

Engineering, design and build of site specific Drum Venting Systems to perform Head Space Gas Charactrization for individual drums prior to transportation and final storage at WIPP.


NFT's team of engineers, draftsman, machinists and technicians have created solutions for interim, long-term and transportation of nuclear material and waste.

Power & Fuel Cycle 

NFT™ specializes in unique fabrications and products that meet safety significant requirements through our NQA-1 program. Our team of engineers, designers and machinists can reverse engineer obsolete items, and supply fabrications and components that meet or exceed customer's specifications.