Structural Platforms, Railings, Custom Designs

EPD™ has a highly skilled labor force with a full range of equipment that allows us to manufacture and fabricate a variety or products. We have developed a specialization in structural steel fabrication and are experienced in fabricating platforms, stairs, railings, designing custom platforms including those with mechanized and hydraulic components, all with a fast turnaround in a quality focused environment. EPD has an extensive inventory of fabrication equipment and can provide close tolerance machining with our manual and CNC lathes and mills for both large and small items. We have the latest MIG and TIG welding equipment,  and our fabrication skills allow us to use various welding processes for all weldable materials and processes, supervised by a certified weld inspector.

Facility capabilities include a wide variety of machining, welding, cutting, forming and lifting/handling equipment. EPD follows NQA-1 quality requirements, including procurement of materials and performing commercial grade dedication and offers a full complement of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) services with the best and most qualified staff available. We perform helium leak testing and Hydrostatic Testing for piping and vessels. EPD is also able to drop test containers weighing up to 27,000 lbs. on our Type A performance testing drop pad.


Sophisticated and current technology in Laser, MIG and TIG welding operated by the most skilled welders and certified weld inspectors in the industry. We can weld all weldable materials in various configurations.