Services and Products to Meet Your Demands

NFT™ is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our nuclear, aerospace, and industrial customers. We deliver competitively priced products, services, fully integrated systems and customized solutions with the highest standards of excellence and quality. We will optimize our material sciences, engineering, innovation and prototyping, turn-key design-build and precision machining expertise to meet your schedule.


Our in-house team of engineers and high precision machinists work together to engineer, build and produce complex and custom parts under NQA-1 guidelines.


A recognized resource in the Aerospace Industry completing projects others won't try.

Machine Design 

Our engineers and designers are experienced in crafting machine designs varying in complexity and size. They deliver innovative solutions to complex machine design problems, with a focus on design for maintenance and ease-of-use.

High Precision Machining 

Our machinists are highly skilled with the knowledge and experience to machine your components from Aluminum, Titanium or any exotic metal within your schedule to exacting detail. We pride ourselves on making components that explore other planets, function in space and enhance the world we live in.


EPD™ has a highly skilled labor force with a full range of equipment that allows us to manufacture and fabricate a variety or products.