NFT Solutions

NFT has been providing creative and comprehensive solutions to challenges facing the nuclear, aerospace and commercial markets for more than three decades.  From the humble beginnings of our NucFil® drum vent filters, NFT diversified into new markets by utilizing our core competencies and capabilities.  We fully integrate engineering, design, high precision machining, manufacturing and aftermarket services allowing us to solve complex problems our clients face, cost effectively and on schedule. The “NFT Way” embraces long-term customer relationships, value-added services and commitment to quality.  Recognized as one of Colorado’s Companies to Watch in 2016,  NFT is your resource for success!



NucFil® products remain the core of our business. The same spirit of innovation that created the industry changing carbon-bonded-carbon drum vent filter, ensuring safe handling and transportation of containers of weapons-grade nuclear waste across our nation's highways, led to engineering and manufacturing nuclear material containers, and semi-robotic drum venting systems used to characterize and vent flammable gasses in drums of legacy waste. Our products and equipment are used and depended on at every Department of Energy Weapons Complex site throughout the US. From humble beginnings three decades ago, our NucFil® products remain one of the most trusted names in the nuclear industry.


Paradigm™, a division of NFT™, specializes in high precision machining for the aerospace, medical and commercial markets. Using advanced 5-Axis and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment, we meet AS9100/ISO quality standards. We routinely fabricate components that other shops are unwilling to try. Our parts can be found on space stations, interplanetary exploration vehicles, Earth orbiting satellites and human rated space flight components.


EPD™, a Division of NFT, located in Carlsbad, NM, is an experienced metals and plastics fabrication company primarily engaged in the manufacturing of specialty and commercial vessels and structural items. EPD has over 20 years of experience in metals fabrication and precision machining with one of the most comprehensively equipped facilities in the Southwest. EPD builds and maintains the most sophisticated nuclear material shipping casks in the world. We machine, fabricate, weld, inspect and test everything from large steel structures to high precision, complex components for the energy, mining and nuclear markets.


NFTAutomation, a Division of NFT, takes machine-building, engineering, automation and controls to the highest level of safety and craftsmanship. We build machines that automate human processes using robotics, motion technologies, vision systems and just plain ingenuity to help our commercial customers compete with greater cost efficiency and quality on a global scale.